Divorce and the Character Disordered

Stumbling accross this article I realised it was worth sharing. Dr. George Simon explains to the Huffington Post that some divorces may be exceptionally toxic because one party suffers from what he terms a “character disorder” (CD). Divorcing a disordered person is its own particular kind of hell, distinct from the usual miseries of divorce.

Simon explains: “Top CD attitude red flags: Entitlement, possessiveness, indifference to others, arrogance, disdain for obligation. The more of these attitudes they possess and the more intense these attributes are, the more character impaired the person is… Money matters always tell the story the best. The CD will clean out bank accounts. Or they play financial games. The reckless gambling and spending will all get discovered right around the time the aggrieved party has begun seriously contemplating the divorce. This makes it even harder to think about throwing in the towel because of how disadvantaged the victim will be walking out.

Read more on the article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tracy-schorn/divorcing-the-character-d_b_3001431.html

The blog post that lead me to this is another question worth considering “Do You Know Who You’re With?” – on the daily plate of crazy has more words of caution about the CD: “What of the bigamist who carries on a double life? The doting wife and mother who may be mired in an affair and no one’s the wiser? The Most Common Example: Infidelity”.

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