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It’s not quite an academic conquest, although the topic of love and emotions is concurrent with the theme of my life and blog at the moment. In a quest to find a partner, it’s noted that more than 50% of relationships are now as a result of online escapades so one has to try various web sites. Being a frum guy I try the frum sites, although there is definitely a smattering of Jewish women on the more traditional sites and I have a friend who has entered into a beautiful holy relationship with a woman he met via Tinder. I’m not promoting that right now, nor is this a review of Jewish dating sites, it is acknowledgement that Russian brides – especially Ukranians – have been recommended to me. I’ve seen lifelong successful marriages, the economics make sense to me so the question is where (and how) to begin?

Obviously one starts looking for a partner online. It’s easy to imagine (and learn) that Russian brides are one of the areas where the more shady characters of the internet hang out, so what and who do you trust? I guess a personal reference could help, if you have one, but if not, one wants to stick ones toe in the pond… Scary stuff.. On the one site I’ve tried I found this interesting section under their FAQ’s. The (‘frequently asked’) question is “Is this love?” and the title of the answer is ‘Emotions’. Here’s the rest, quite entertaining, thanks to Bride-forever  🙂

Do you know what happens when you fall in love? When the Cupid strikes, love bytes! You begin to feel lovebugs inside your stomach or loveblues or just an affair of the heart! But no matter what it is, it’s the reason to live! It enters gently into your heart without any announce and changes life forever! Love is timeless. It’s the memory of yesterday, the happiness of today and the promise of tomorrow. It brings new dimensions in life that makes everything seem worthwhile. And then, when there is hope, there is faith, when there is faith, there is love and when there is love, miracles happen! We all should believe in Miracles!

Love is filled with passion, intimacy and commitment. Passion could fade away but intimacy and commitment are the two sides of a coin. Love peps up or poops out, depends on the emotions of the heart. Free souls dive into eight ways the Sternberg psychological way to find what is Love!

Non Love – It usually happens in our lives when none of the components like passion, intimacy or commitment is there. This is when we interact with people but don’t feel either of any.
Liking – There is intimacy but no commitment. Passion here has no place whatsoever. This happens with close friends.
Infatuation – This is like a kind of attraction where passion is really high but people don’t feel any intimacy or love or commitment. It is due to beauty or characteristics. This kind of love we could meet very often among us.
Empty Love – It is a very sad kind of love but we think that it is a sick kind of this bright feeling. Some people are only committed. They stay together for sake of something and there is no intimacy, no love, no passion nor secrets to share.
Romantic Love – Its bubbling emotions within and commitment follows later if the love don’t die away soon. We should remember that love is also a great work.
Compassionate Love – The right way to live, to our mind, is to feel this kind of love. Some people have commitment and intimacy and live together for years without touch but care, share, enjoy.
Fatuous Love – We think that this love has much in common with Empty love. There is no intimacy between two people and lack the understanding of knowing each other. They feel they don’t like each other but stay yet together. 
Consummate Love – This love gives a reason to live. It possess passion, intimacy and commitment! Just like ‘Made for each’.


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