It’s all in the details

We’re so far down the line that we can hope for and realistically expect that Moshiach is truly imminent. We can feel it, although we can’t. We’re numbed by distance in time from Sinai. Although we have sufficient knowledge and intelligence to know (or at least realistically believe) that it happened. “ Mystery of the Jews” is a fabulous 21 minute video that includes historic commentaries from people on all walks of life, that can help us understand.

The main point I wish to convey in this post is that I hope that we all understand the need to accept that we know nothing about the world to come and that it’s all about details. No-one knows who is “right” other than ourselves 🙂 albeit that the world’s oldest complete Sefer Torah, believed to have been written between the years 1155 and 1225, and was discovered about six weeks ago in the library of the University of Bologna, Italy, by Professor Mauro Perani. More at this lubavitch site Crown Heighes here

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