There’s only one rule – you have to marry a jewish girl

My father taught me that theres only one rule – “you have to marry a jewish girl”. If you want to be Jewish that is… and you’re part of a long line of Jews, because of you your children will be the first to break that chain. “The only way out is to convert and then you have to learn all the rules, don’t ask me them, I don’t know them”. My father taught me enough of the basics to get by, and the important things of course.
And I married a reform girl, who agreed to convert. We did the conversion and I learned all the rules. I always had it in me, a fascination about how to do it. Only when it was forced upon me did it start to make sense. I understand why it’s good to grow up with, a sense of normality.
It’s been almost a year since I’ve been with a woman, hopefully my divorce will be over soon. I mean I’ve been out a few times and I’m excited about my life ahead. I’m also excited about being close to the force, and what that means about how things will play out.

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