A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” is one of the most famous quotes from Browning. The idea is that man pursues with the knowledge that he will never attain. It is the attempt to pin down the infinite by defining it in our finite terms that is doomed.

A frum geeky view on Jewish Marriage, possibly unorthodox Orthodox views. I figure with 15 years of experience, as a Jewish husband, psychologist, father, Torah scholar and inspired by a search for a partnership:

  • with an eshet chayil, who will be a good mother to my kids, and someone with whom I can build a bayit ne’eman b’yisrael
  • with someone like me, who realises that marriage ultimately isn’t about cosmic connection (well a bit maybe). Really, having a teammate is seriously better than not having one at all. A partner who I can love for who they think they are, and who also can love me for who I think I am.
  • with a woman who isn’t afraid to admit that they miss me, who knows I’m not perfect but treats me as if I am, whose biggest fear is losing me, who gives their heart completely, who says I love you and means it, who would not mind waking up in the morning and seeing my wrinkles and gray beard but still falls in love me all over again

Dont worry about people that are in your past, theres a reason why they didnt make it to your future.

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